Struck trough lubrificant

This is the most common example of struck through a foreign object and most likely the most common type of minting error of all. The machinery used for the production of coins needs to be constantly lubricated to function properly.
Therefore, for the most disparate reasons, it may happen that some lubricant can grease the planchet or dies during the minting phase. When this happens, the imprint involved in the lubricant is always evanescent. Sometimes the lubricant will partially erase the design, while other times it will completely erase. This effect varies according to the quantity of lubricant that takes over between the die and the planchet at the moment of minting. This type of error is often confused with weak strike. The difference between the two errors is that struck through lubricant generally occurs only on the obverse or the reverse and never involves the side, although this is not always the case. In fact, in minor cases, some elements of the imprint may be evanescent / absent on both sides of the coin. On the other hand, weak strike errors always involve both sides of the coin with proportional and specular weakness on the obverse and reverse, including the side in the most extreme cases. They are actually relatively simple details to tell apart once you realize these differences.

battitura attraverso lubrificante

(E.B.21) Repubblica Italiana - 10 Lire 1990 R Spighe
O/ Number one of date is missing. Collezione Bedeschi

battitura attraverso lubrificante

(E.B.23 , E.B.24 e E.B.25) 50 Lire R Vulcano I tipo - Repubblica Italiana
R/ Struck trough lubrificant. Collezione Onir

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