Interior die break

Portion of non-minted planchet caused by the detachment and consequent escape of the die fragment from the beating chamber. Unlike the marginal die break, this type of break involves only one or more fragments of the internal or central die.

It manifests itself on the coin as a cud or die chip.

In cases of interior die break, as in all the other cases we have analyzed so far, you can find coins that show progressions of this break and which are generally appreciated and sought after by advanced collectors.

Below we can observe some of the main cases of interior die break on Italian coinage.

Originally, the interior die break appears incuse on the coin (relief on the die) and evolves in relief (incuse on the die) when the fragment of the broken die emerges from the beating chamber. When this fragment detaches, it leaves a sort of chip on the coin that will be filled by the metal of the round at the time of minting.