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5 FENINGA-FEINIGA 2005 Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In the first year of the minting of the denomination of 5 Convertible Fening, a typo appears in the word Fening written in Cyrillic script at the bottom of the coin, instead of the Cyrillic letter N, the Cyrillic letter I was placed, and instead of the Cyrillic letter I, the Cyrillic letter N was placed, so we get the word FEINIGA instead of FENINGA. This typographical error is on all coins of denomination 5 Convertible Fenings minted in 2005, also the error continues to appear in 2008 when new coins come into circulation, the next minting year is 2011 and from that year 2011 the inscription has been corrected and written correctly until today .
Among other things, in the photos you can see a piece that is a rotated die, the first and only recorded piece with this type of minterror on this denomination from the 2005 year of minting.